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EsguerraLaw was founded in 1995 by Angel M. Esguerra III as the Angel M. Esguerra III & Partners.  In 2007, with partner, Rosemarie R. Ribo, the Firm was re-organized as the Law Offices of Esguerra Ribo Esguerra.  Both founding partners of the Firm are graduates of the University of the Philippines College of Law, the Philippines' top-tier law school. They now have a combined more than five decades of experience and practice in diverse areas of law.

Through the decades, they have achieved their objective of maintaining EsguerraLaw as a premier law firm focused on delivering a personalized but comprehensive level of expert legal service to a select group of clients.

Every client relationship at EsguerraLaw is valued greatly and nurtured carefully in the spirit of utmost dedication and trust.  We ensure that each engagement benefits from the breadth and depth of our expertise, bringing to fore our ingrained values of excellence, integrity, reliability, and highest ethical standards. We are proud that so many of our clients repeatedly turn to us for counsel and representation, and we do our utmost to deserve their continuing loyalty and trust.

Be it business or personal, we at EsguerraLaw can help you.

Our lawyers have gained expertise in all aspects of commercial law with emphasis on local and international business development transactions involving multinational corporations and financing institutions.  In this connection, we have provided successful representation during negotiations, financing, and closing, as well as transactional dealings with legislative and regulatory bodies and international law firm counterparts.

Other major areas of law practice affecting business and industry include power and energy, agriculture, mining, construction, corporate compliance requirements, corporate restructuring and rehabilitation, business start-ups and incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, labor, immigration, taxation, banking, intellectual property, licensing and franchising, property rights and real estate transactions, and environmental law.

Equally notable is our extensive practice in Persons and Family Law, Contracts Law, trusts and estate planning, succession rights, product liability, and consumer protection. 

In all practice areas, we have, in the protection of our clients' interests, pursued Litigation on their behalf before the courts and quasi-judicial agencies, the prosecutors' offices, and the appellate courts, as well as provided representation for alternative modes of dispute resolution.